Learn how trusting your intuition can guide you to make smarter decisions in your personal and professional life.

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Who is Sunil Godse

Sunil Godse is no stranger to entrepreneurship, growing companies to a combined $20 million before leveraging these experiences as a business consultant to companies such as Citibank, SAP, Rogers Wireless, Symcor and Saudi Aramco. He has regularly leveraged his intuition to find solutions for his clients that have helped them produce maximum results.





Celebrity Interviews

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Jim Treliving: Learning from Failure

Bruce Croxon on Intuition

Congratulations Sunil, your book has really helped me and inspired my way of thinking about business!

Swarit Jajal, Entrepreneur, Actor

Sunil’s book can help any business, whether it’s in start-up mode or poised for growth. Learn from the failures and successes of others, and succeed faster.

Bill Johnson, Former Chairman and CEO, McDonald’s Restaurants Canada Ltd.

By learning several lessons from a business challenge I faced, our company cut our losses, refocused and actually significantly improved our main business. By learning from similar stories of business failures and challenges shared by others in Sunil’s book, “Fail Fast. Succeed Faster.”, entrepreneurs should be better prepared to tackle their own hurdles.

Larry Rosen, Chairman and CEO, Harry Rosen

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Books in His Own Words


We ALL feel it. (show different backgrounds)
As we age, close to 100 billion neurons fire at an average of 200 times a second to watch what is happening all around us. (show neurons firing and brain).
We grow up, go to school, work for companies, spend time with friends and go through MANY more experiences in our lives.
And throughout ALL these experiences…intuition is listening and learning.

And we rely on it ALL the time.
Think about those times when we REALLY needed guidance.
Like a bolt of lightning, intuition came to the rescue and gave us the right answer, one that kept us safe, secure and happy.

So, why do we turn a blind eye to intuition?
Why do we ignore its messages and live a life unfulfilled?
Why are we not able to jump over the hurdles that prevent us from tapping into intuition?
The truth is that we all have the ability to toss those hurdles aside.

We just need to know how.
Thankfully, this information is just a click away.
Get access to the proper advice that will help unlock your intuitive potential and begin transforming your life today.


Like a bolt of lightning, intuition strikes and in an instant, lives are changed forever. Have you ever wondered why intuition helps you make the right decision at the right time, or why ignoring your intuition so often leads to disaster? Inspired by stories of how intuition played a critical role in bettering people’s lives – or the terrible consequences of ignoring it, GUT! explores the nature of intuition: what it is, how to trust it, and how to use it to unlock your potential and achieve success in every aspect of your life.

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The goal of the book is to enhance business success by learning through the failures and challenges of others. By being better prepared to tackle business hurdles, entrepreneurs are able to save time and money, directing resources to where they are most needed to move the business forward. It is inevitable that an entrepreneur will go through business challenges. But by purchasing a copy today, anyone thinking of starting or expanding a business can put themselves on the path to success by learning from the failures of others — instead of their own.

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Bruce Croxon Congratulates Sunil Godse

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Failure Is Not an Option

Sounds strange? Well, it shouldn’t. Why? Because, good things come from failure. Bad business ideas, an unhappy career due to a mismatch in skills and abilities with professional aspirations or inattention to certain warnings signs due to complacency have all led to failures. But we can change failure into success. How?


More About Sunil Godse

He is an international speaker, speaking to thousands of people on how to overcome failures and put more trust in their intuitive capabilities, topics from both of his books, Fail Fast. Succeed Faster. and GUT! Attendees leave his speaking events with strategies on how to overcome their own hurdles to ensure that they regularly tap into their intuition to better their lives in every way. In his spare time, Sunil finds time to raise a family, serve as a mentor for Futurpreneur, YOU Inc., Ten Thousand Coffees and volunteer as a board member on occasion.

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