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    We all know that we learn from our mistakes. Yet, we seem to keep making them.

    What if we got a chance to learn from the mistakes of others so that we could avoid the same mistakes, saving us time, money and resources?

    Fail Fast. Succeed Faster. is a collection of real life one-on-one interviews with over 250 business executives such as Bruce Croxon, Jim Treliving and Larry Rosen and from companies such as FaceBook, the Toronto Blue Jays and McDonald’s who gave their valued time to share their incredible stories of business challenges and failures.

    By learning the lessons learned in overcoming the failures and challenges of others, you will be better prepared to tackle your own business hurdles, saving you time and money, directing resources to where they are most needed: moving the business forward.

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    Like a bolt of lightning, intuition strikes and in an instant, lives are changed forever.

    Have you ever wondered why intuition helps you make the right decision at the right time, or why ignoring your intuition so often leads to disaster?

    Inspired by stories of how intuition played a critical role in bettering people’s lives – or the terrible consequences of ignoring it, GUT! explores the nature of intuition: what it is, how to trust it, and how to use it to unlock your potential and achieve success in every aspect of your life.

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    Purchase both GUT! and Fail Fast. Succeed Faster. to learn how to maximize your intuition to overcome any hurdle, ensuring that you succeed faster in every aspect of your life.