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There is a really good possibility that you are a part of a group of businesses that are losing over $550 billion a year in productivity, with additional downstream costs such as higher turnover, and so it comes as no surprise that over 99% of businesses fail by the time they hit year five.
This productivity loss is a result of an unhappy workplace where statistics show that 80% of employees are unhappy in the workplace, with 1 in 5 of those employees actually taking the steps to see a business fail.
This does not have to happen to your company.
Sunil Godse shows how companies can implement intuitive resonance in their organizations to establish trusted relationships that turns those statistics completely around, creating a tight-knit corporate culture that has employees intrinsically motivated to perform at their highest level, resulting in an increase in employee engagement, an uplift in team productivity and  ultimately higher performance.

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Notable Print Media Features

London Inc. Feature – Interviewed by London Inc. magazine for his Intuitionology project.
Business London Feature – Featured in Business London for books, Fail Fast. Succeed Faster. and GUT!
Startup London Feature – Interviewed by Startup London on consulting and published books, Fail Fast. Succeed Faster. and GUT!
Business London Feature – Featured in Business London for book, Fail Fast. Succeed Faster.
Five Magazine Feature – Featured in Five Magazine for book, Fail Fast. Succeed Faster.
London Free Press Feature – Featured in the London Free Press for Fail Fast. Succeed Faster. book launch.
The Londoner – Featured in the Londoner newspaper for his Fail Fast. Succeed Faster. book launch.
London Free Press Feature – Interviewed by the London Free Press on the role of technology for a business client.
London Free Press Feature – Featured in the London Free Press for his pivotal role in growing a company over 700% in three years.

Bruce Croxon Congratulates Sunil Godse

I was happy to contribute to Sunil Godse’s effort to speak openly about what we can learn from failing. It’s something we all do but don’t listen closely enough to the learning. Kudos to Mr. Godse for pulling our mistakes together in a way we can all benefit from.

Larry Rosen

By learning several lessons from a business challenge I faced, our company cut our losses, refocused and actually significantly improved our main business. By learning from similar stories of business failures and challenges shared by others in Sunil’s book, “Fail Fast. Succeed Faster.”, entrepreneurs should be better prepared to tackle their own hurdles.

Brian Scudamore

A strong gut instinct is hands-down one of the best tools of success for an entrepreneur. I would not be where I am today without my gut instinct. I think everyone should get in touch with the power of their intuition, and reading Sunil’s book, GUT! is a great first step.

David K. Williams

Sunil has convincingly presented an essential, often under-utilized, part of our most powerful human assets that should be a core component of both business and personal success. The book is masterfully written and is a must-read for executives, managers, and for everyone who wants to make a difference and to know how to use and trust their instincts.

Ted Rubin

It’s taken me a lot of years, but I have learned not only to trust my intuition…but to recognize when it’s speaking to me. Sunil’s book GUT! will show you how it can speak to you.

Bill Johnson

Sunil’s book can help any business, whether it’s in start-up mode or poised for growth. Learn from the failures and successes of others, and succeed faster.

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Like a bolt of lightning, intuition strikes and in an instant, lives are changed forever. Have you ever wondered why intuition helps you make the right decision at the right time, or why ignoring your intuition so often leads to disaster? Inspired by stories of how intuition played a critical role in bettering people’s lives – or the terrible consequences of ignoring it – GUT! explores the nature of intuition: what it is, how to trust it, and how to use it to unlock your potential and achieve success in every aspect of your life.


There are no failures. Period. Failures are really successes because each one comes with a set of hard lessons, which should not be repeated. Yet, statistics show that over 90% of businesses fail, and the primary reason is that the same mistakes others have gone through are repeated, with dire consequences such as financial devastation through plummeting revenues, evaporated life savings or even bankruptcy. Not any more. By picking up this book, you can accelerate your business success by learning through the failures and challenges of others, being better prepared to tackle business hurdles and saving you time and energy while earning record profits. Put yourself on the path to success by learning from the failures of others — rather than your own.


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