Who is Sunil Godse

Sunil Godse has recognized the true power of intuition as trusting it has been directly responsible for the success that he has enjoyed, and ignoring it has led to two very devastating consequences: depleting his bank account leaving him penniless and a close friend being shot and killed. After going through these two very unfortunate experiences, the role of intuition for Sunil was very clear: trust it each and every time if he wanted to succeed in every area of his life.

The success in Sunil’s career is a DIRECT result of the role his intuition has played. As an entrepreneur, his intuition was responsible for helping him select which business opportunities to pursue, resulting in a combined $20 million in revenues. As a business consultant, his intuitive capabilities helped clients increase their corporate culture while finding efficiencies and significantly increasing productivity, attracting companies such as Citibank, Western Digital and Rogers Wireless as clients. As a personal and business coach, Sunil has transformed the lives of hundreds of clients, helping them leverage their intuitive capabilities to reach their personal and professional goals and succeed in every part of their lives.

When wondering why so many people put themselves through incredible pain and hardship by ignoring their intuition, Sunil spent thousands of hours in research and interviewed over 1,000 people who shared deeply personal stories on how ignoring intuition impacted their lives, to discover that intuition is incredibly complex, and if not properly understood, people would ignore the unique intuitive signals their intuition was sending them, making bad decisions that sent them on a path that that they regretted being on.

Sunil created the Intuitionology project with the sole mission of educating people in deciphering how complex their intuition really is so that they are able to recognize the subtlest of unique intuitive signals so that they are able to make the right decision at the right time in any situation they find themselves in and start living a life full of happiness and success.

Sunil has taken this message on the road as an international speaker, wowing tens of thousands of audience members, inspiring them with practical advice, combined with personal anecdotes and impactful stories from interviewees, to show how to recognize the signals intuition is sending them that helps them overcome failure and accelerate their success in every area of their lives, topics from his two extremely popular books, Fail Fast. Succeed Faster. and GUT!, which have each sold thousands of copies worldwide.





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More About This Book

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