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Who is Sunil Godse

Sunil Godse has recognized the true power of intuition as trusting it has been directly responsible for the success that he has enjoyed, and ignoring it has led to devastating consequences, depleting his bank account and leaving him penniless. The role of intuition has become very clear: trust it each and every time!

As an entrepreneur, his intuition was responsible for helping him select which business opportunities to pursue, which saw them grow to a combined $20 million in revenues. As a business consultant, his intuitive capabilities gave him the ability to find transformative solutions for his clients, attracting companies such as Citibank, Western Digital, SAP and Rogers Wireless as clients and helping them earn record profits. As a personal coach, Sunil has provided guidance to hundreds, giving them the proper foundation to truly unlock their intuitive potential and succeed in every part of their lives.

Intuition struck Sunil again, giving him the inspiration to create the Intuitionology™ project, which shares incredibly honest and some never-before-told-stories on how intuition has impacted lives from the hundreds of people he has interviewed. He brings these deeply insightful stories to life, combined with research and personal experience, to deliver impactful advice along with easy-to-follow tools and techniques on how to maximize one’s intuitive capabilities, helping transform lives by overcoming intuitive hurdles and taking advantage of the successful opportunities that lay ahead.

As an international speaker, Sunil has wowed tens of thousands of audience members, inspiring them with advice, combined with impactful personal stories, on how to unleash their intuition to overcome failure and truly accelerate their success, topics from his two extremely popular books, Fail Fast. Succeed Faster. and GUT!, which have each sold thousands of copies worldwide. Attendees leave his speaking events with ready-to-use strategies on how they can begin to leverage intuition to better their lives in every way.

In his spare time, Sunil finds time to raise a family, serve as a mentor for Futurpreneur, YOU Inc., the Ten Thousand Coffees program and volunteer as a board member on occasion.





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More About This Book

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