Watching Sunil speak is captivating. The energy he shows on stage draws you into his words, and he delivers his message on how to improve your life, whether it is about learning from failure or trusting your intuition, with such clarity and purpose that you end up thinking about what he said for days and months afterwards.

Gillian Mandich

Seeing Sunil at an Entrepreneurship seminar I was at was delightful. He clearly showed professionalism as a speaker. Being involved in Toastmasters has given me a good appreciation for excellent speakers, and Sunil is definitely a part of that group.

Bob Andrighetti


Within a very short period of time, Sunil was able to help me think through what my next steps in life would be, both on a personal and professional level. Not only did he provide a roadmap for what I needed to do, but we worked together to form a plan that would help me put things in motion so that I can start making the changes in my life happen the way I want them to be.

Janene Ford

The impact Sunil’s coaching has had on my personal life is immeasurable. His advice has given me the courage to leave a job in an industry I really did not like to go into an industry that I am very passionate about. This transition has brought back my true self – happy and loving life. Thank you Sunil!

John Harris


I have been very lucky to have Sunil as a business coach and mentor as he has gotten me to really think hard about how I want to improve my business. The advice he gives is easy to implement, and it has had a huge impact on the bottom line by not only improving the existing business but also look at the ways to expand the business without stretching it too thin.

Patricia Turner

The business coaching services Sunil has provided has made me realize that what got me here today will not necessarily get me to the next stage. He was able to show me what I needed to do to make sure that my business did not stagnate and changed with the times. His advice has helped me expand my business, adding a significant amount of revenues, which has allowed me to hire more people to grow the business even faster.

Dan Wright