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I started reading your book, and I simply cannot put it down. I have a lot of experience in the restaurant industry and run a catering company. Yet, after reading some of the stories in the book, I realized that there were some costs I had not considered as well as other business issues you bring up in the book, and am re-evaluating the business. And, I am only half way through the book! Sunil, thank you very much for writing this book. You have potentially saved me from a disastrous situation.
John Harris
Sunil’s book can help any business, whether it’s in start-up mode or poised for growth. Learn from the failures and successes of others, and succeed faster.
Bill Johnson, Former Chairman and CEO, McDonald’s Restaurants Canada Ltd.

“By learning several lessons from a business challenge I faced, our company cut our losses, refocused and actually significantly improved our main business. By learning from similar stories of business failures and challenges shared by others in Sunil’s book, “Fail Fast. Succeed Faster.”, entrepreneurs should be better prepared to tackle their own hurdles.”

– Larry Rosen, Chairman and CEO, Harry Rosen

“If someone, looking to start a business, does not have a plan and does not seek out the advice of those who have a lot more experience, that business is almost certainly dead even before it starts. The stories of business challenges and failures illustrated in Sunil’s book, “Fail Fast. Succeed Faster.” should provide entrepreneurs the impetus to seek out this advice as soon as they can.”

– Joe Atkins, Chairman & CEO – Bowers & Wilkins

“From success, we gain satisfaction and confidence. From failure, we gain wisdom and humility. May we all make enough mistakes to live a balanced life. Sunil’s book will show you how to learn from failures and help you on the road to success.”

– Irene Chang Britt, Senior Vice President – Global Baking and Snacking, President – Pepperidge Farm

“Most entrepreneurs don’t have the accumulated wisdom from their own past experiences. “Fail Fast. Succeed Faster.” allows entrepreneurs to learn from others, accelerate their own learning and is a great tool for anticipating potential obstacles and quickly recovering from the bumps in the road that do happen.”

– Tim Fowler, former Sales Vice-President, Tropicana Beverages at Pepsi Beverages Company

“I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy…and have enjoyed reading it from cover to cover. You have captured ‘real life’ from your contributors and you are to be congratulated for creating a forum for people to share their experiences.  Well done.”

– Brad Geddes, President and CEO, Zucora Inc.


“The book lets you read life lessons from those who have been there.  By grouping the stories into similar categories, I can go back to the book regularly and get insight into the topic I need, when I need it.  This book should be a must read for any one starting a business, and I highly recommend it for any student of business, at any level – a wealth of insights.”

– Joanne Malone


““Fail Fast Succeed Faster” is a book every entrepreneur should read whether they are starting out or onto their fifth business. The depth and honesty of the stories in the book gives the reader real insight into what business leaders think about, need to be aware of and can overcome. A must read in every business school, well done, Sunil!”

Jonathan Creaghan, Provides Solutions for the Human side of Business


“Congratulations Sunil, your book has really helped me and inspired my way of thinking about business!”

Swarit Jajal, Entrepreneur, Actor