Personal Coaching Services

Clients are able to align their personal skills, learning styles and intuitive strengths with their personal and professional goals to steer them towards those areas which provide them with personal and professional success.

After my coaching session with Sunil, he really opened my eyes to finding out what my personal hurdles were, and he showed me how to use my intuition, passion and natural skills to my advantage. After the session, I was able to put his advice into practice, changed some things on the personal front and found a position I loved with a company I really wanted to work for. – Linda Phillips

The reality is that running a business is really tough. I am so lucky to have met Sunil and ask him to help me and my massage therapy business. Because of his advice, I have been able to significantly improve my business in many areas that I never would have been able to achieve were it not for his wisdom. Thank you so much Sunil. I would encourage everyone to ask him to help their business. He has SO much experience that you would be crazy not to ask for his advice.

Patricia Turner, RMT

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