Intuition Helps Overcome Failure

What does intuition have to do with overcoming failure?


In fact, when think about those times when we made a bad decision, we can go back to the exact moment when we made this decision, and begin to kick ourselves for not making the right one.

The right decision was the one intuition was telling us to make.

Yet we chose to make the wrong one.

Event though we absolutely know what decision to make, we choose another one.

Why do we do this?

For some, the “right” road may seem too hard, like Sabrina Pierson who ignored her intuition and ended up in a cycle of abuse.

For others, the “wrong” road comes with an emotional high, similar to Sarah Smith who just wanted to have fun, and ended up beaten and left for dead.

In fact, there are four main hindrances to intuition that I elaborate on in my book GUT!: fearing of failure, being overly emotional, having a big ego and being overly rational.

Once you learn to tackle each one of these hindrances, you will find yourself living a life with much less difficulty.

To ensure that you get to a stage where you continually make decisions based on intuition, time is needed to absorb the right advice and effort is required to go through the proper tools and techniques to jump over the intuitive hurdles, which I provide at

Once you put the time and effort in, you can begin to live a happy and fulfilled life on your terms.

Why wait?


About the Author:

Sunil Godse has harnessed the power of intuition to accelerate his success, earning over $20 million in revenues as an entrepreneur and helping business clients record profits as a business consultant. His role as a personal coach has transformed hundreds of lives, helping people unlock their intuitive potential to live a life truly fulfilled. Click here to learn more about my intuitionology project.

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