I’ve Grown Companies to a Combined $20 Million in Profit

before leveraging these experiences as a business consultant to companies such as
Citibank, SAP, Rogers Wireless, Symcor and Saudi Aramco.

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Practice Management

With physicians facing rising costs and cuts in funding, a thorough review of a medical practice will reveal possible inefficiencies which, when resolved, result in significant financial benefits without sacrificing patient care.

Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching for senior executives provides a resolution to various issues to ensure that senior management do not get distracted when trying to fulfill their roles within the company, resulting in a more efficiently run company.

Strategy Consulting

Whether in start-up mode or already in business, a company’s current or future strategy is evaluated by performing a comprehensive overview of a company’s resources and capabilities along with a process map laying out how to move forward to ensure that the strategic vision is carried out with efficiency.

Using Sunil’s services opened my eyes to how inefficient my practice really. Where I thought I was losing money, Sunil intuitively knew where my problems were and very quickly showed me that I was losing money in 4 of my 6 practice areas. He stopped the financial bleeding and showed me how to adjust where I spend my clinical time to maximize my efficiency and put more money in my pocket. After we changed the practice, I have actually reduced my clinical time and enjoy my practice MUCH more with no effect on my patients and a big boost to my bank account.
Michel Rathbone, Neurologist
When I approached Sunil about some of the issues my company was having, he got me to push me outside my comfort zone to make tough decisions that were absolutely the ones I needed to make to move the company forward He helped me communicate the company vision and strategy the vision and had me work with my employees to revisit and improve company processes. After his services, my revenues soared, our company became much more efficient and improved our culture – a perfect trifecta.
Dan Wright, President, Eyelook Media

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More Testimonials From Happy Clients

“Sunil’s services were the reason why my partners and I were able to survive. Frankly, we were headed for failure. We looked at income statements, but, honestly, did not understand what to look for, except that the number at the bottom of the report was negative. Sunil came in and educated us on the different types of costs, how to allocate them to the food items we were making and helping us renegotiate with suppliers and find cheaper ingredients without sacrificing quality. All three partners got an excellent education from Sunil on our own business. And, although this seemed embarrassing, Sunil never made us feel that way. The end result can be put in a simple statement – the negative number at the bottom of the income statement became a big positive one.”
– Kurshid Khan, Partner, Chicago Pizza


“Mr. Sunil Godse’s consulting services were very instrumental in ensuring that the 7 month rollout of the $33 million USD SCADA project for the city of Mumbai was done on time and on budget, with all the relevant stakeholders in the project extremely happy with the end results. He made sure that he regularly communicated where we were in the process and ensured that all hiccups were identified and the solutions identified. His skills and abilities were key factors in the success of the project. ”
– G. V. Sahasrahbudhe, Chief Engineer (Municipal), BMC


“Our company was having a significant amount of trouble with one business group’s employee authorization management software. We hired Sunil to investigate why these issues were happening and to help reduce the Service Level Agreement times for resolution as they were WAY too high. Sunil was able to review the types of problems experienced, reclassify the various technical issues and rearrange the other company’s resources to ensure that the issues were identified and problems solved much quicker. Sunil was able to get the SLA times down significantly so that we were extremely happy and the other company reduced the financial penalties they were facing on a monthly basis. This was a true win for everyone.”
– P. Neary, Citibank

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